MC issue 76 ISSUE #77 - LAST ISSUE! All of us here at Chronicle headquarters were puzzled to see the Hobo hang around ALL summer long. No wandering off without telling anyone were he was going. No long drives to nowhere. No wild ideas about how to save the world. Nope. Mostly he just drew and wrote about summer in Joseph. You'd see him heading up the river with a fishing pole, just as the sun was melting the dew. Or riding his bike down back roads, alone. When asked what he was up to he'd just look off in the distance and mumble something about finding zen like moments in each passing day. One late night around the campfire we did get him to open up a bit. He became animated and spoke of how his life was now truly at a turning point. That he was finished completely with creating the Moonlight Chronicles. That is was time to wait quietly for the next big idea to present itself. He talked of how all the things you see are really just lines, connecting to other lines and that in the end, everything is just a long line. Sounds to us like he either is still very interested in drawing or gone nutty from riding too many big waves. Whatever the case you better keep an eye on his website. You never know what that guys gonna do next.

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MC issue 76 ISSUE #76 - After 10 long months of futile searching we finally located our waterlogged Hobo. He appeared late one evening dragging 2 surfboards and a big knapsack up the narrow road to Joseph. He was dark brown and weathered as an old barn door. His sandal clad feet were calloused and bandaged. When asked where he'd been all winter and why he hadn't written or called home he mumbled "the waves," and "they wouldn't let me leave," then pulled out a ragged notebook filled with sketches and messy writings. We got him all cleaned up and fed and discovered that the notebook was actually a rough draft of Chronicle 76! He'd been haphazardly filling it with all his far flung adventures since august of last year. Now he's back in the meadow, mowing the grass, running in the green hills and sitting in his sauna. There's a faraway gleam in his eyes. Sometimes he whispers "They were so beautiful, all those rolling waves..." We found a note he'd been working on in his studio. It said: WILL BE GONE SOON. CALIF SURF OR BUST.....

MC issue 75 ISSUE #75 - Summer wanes here in the eastern Oregon mountains. All is calm. There are no floods, fires, tornadoes or hurricanes in the vicinity. Yes, the economy does seem to be in a shambles, but for us hobo types, that is of no concern. Seems that the entire world and all it’s hapless consumer inhabitants have come to a crossroads. Let’s hope that sense can be made of the monumental mess and that us humans can come to realize that all our excesses are to blame. That just maybe we all need to lower our expectations on just how much like kings and queens we get to live, and still have a planet that’s inhabitable. That sending all our jobs overseas so that huge corporations can show more profit, means no jobs at home. Daa. That’s how it looks from here at Hobo Hill anyway. Stepping off the soap box, I will now get to the business of telling you what is in this here Silver Anniversary issue.  Home from the winter of surfing in Hawaii, the Hobo has been enjoying his super simple, peasant like existence in his much loved meadow. He took a river trip in May, went to the Oregon coast to celebrate daughter Shilo’s birthday and tried the freezing surf. (It sucked). Then got a job collecting native grass seed in the mountains(Super fun). And generally had a blast swimming in the lake and mowing down all that tall grass in the meadow with his trusty scythe. He got featured in several prominent publications, (Surfer’s Journal, National Enquirer), but still thinks the coolest thing ever is just sitting quieting in some corner sketching something that no one else sees. And fishing. Come November he will once again be flying to an outer Hawaiian island to see if he can ride more of those rolling dreams. Don’t expect to hear from him until next summer when he will once again return to the mountains to print up stories and drawings of that grand adventure.

MC issue 74 ISSUE #74  - How big are the waves and where are they is just about all our roving Hobo seems to be thinking about these days. This issue starts out with a quick trip to see an old friend in New York City who happened to be turning 50 and wasn’t too happy about it. So our itinerant vagabond flew out in late August to calm the guy's nerves and eat some cake. There’s some drawings of that big city and a few stories thrown down around them to keep you from falling to sleep while leafing through those pages. But where the real action starts is when  the Surfmonk hops on yet  another plane heading southwest to the tropical paradise called Maui. It’s in that no snow zone that he spends the next seven months working every day on becoming the best surfer possible, considering his middle age blues and fear of drowning. And as we all know, the Chronicle pages these days seem to have less and less drawings in them. He says because his arms are just too tired after hours spent chasing waves. But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the hobo usually goes headlong into these extreme passions and ends up excluding all else, until he peaks out, having learned all he can about the subject at hand. He won’t ever give up till he’s mastered the craft, be it photography, drawing, raising kids, living super simple or being the healthiest person on the planet. So let’s just all give the dude a little space to work through this latest of ongoing, impulsive, out of the ordinary and extravagant ventures. Soon he will be coming back around to realizing the ultimate power of living in the NOW through drawing. And in the meantime, we all get to read about his many adventures afield. Lets just be patient, okay?
MC issue 73 ISSUE #73 - Not one to sit twiddling his thumbs for long, the Hobo spent all of the last 5 months back home in Oregon inexplicably compiling this 100-page illustrated letter for his tiny following of devoted readers. Polls have been taken. Surveys conducted. Yet still the populous at large has no idea why anyone would want to read the journals of this whacked surfmonk who cares nothing about modern day consumerisms, or living within the norms of society. Who camps dirtbag style when in Hawaii every winter, only to return to a hole in the ground shelter on the bank of a river in Oregon each summer. Oh well. Now his female companion Lynne has started up a Healing Salve business of her own with visions of also chucking the whole house mortgage, car payment thing and going hobo too. In this lively issue you will read of their wild cavortings up and down the coast of the Golden State in search of rideable salt water tubes and their commendable efforts at selling tins of salve in order to buy more peanut butter and to fill the van's gas tank for the long drive home. Soon the Hobo will be back on that delicious rock known as Maui to challenge the rolling sea once again. No one knows where he'll be hiding out, or if he will be concocting yet another ridiculous Chronicle, or when he may return. It might be worth your while to stay tuned.
MC issue 72 ISSUE #72 - Clear last fall our Hobo went missing. Rumor had it that he had decided once and for all to NOT spend another cold winter in Eastern Oregon. Some said he had ridden his trike south, just barely beating the first snows in Nevada. Others had him pegged on a fast freight train headed for Mexico. But just last week he stumbled on home to the meadow with quite a story to tell. Apparently last fall he had packed up his bike and some clothes and flown to the island of Maui with only two things on his mind. To find a hobo camp there so that he could finally learn to surf. And that's exactly what he did, and this Chronicle tells the  story of his life altering experiences. We're just glad he made it home in one piece.
MC issue 71 ISSUE #71 - As Hobo #1 approached this issue, he had a dilemma. Was he to simply stay at home for an entire summer and try to do stories about backpacking in the nearby wilderness, like a dream told him to do? Or was he to wander abroad and look for things he had never seen before while hopping freight trains, riding his trike, and taking short excursions in his van? Hobo #2 was telling him that staying at home would be a good idea, seeing how he had lost his lucrative position with that shoe company and was now eating beans and counting pennies. This did seem logical, but as we all know Hobo #1 is a rather extreme adventure sort and finds it very difficult to simply sit around the meadow, counting his toes. He said that he wanted to still travel about, but on thin dimes, by pedaling everywhere instead of driving (that darn gas now eating up hundreds on any trip taken), and he said he would not ever eat out in fancy establishments or partake of the comforts of motels along the way. Still Hobo #2 had his reservations, knowing how Hobo #1 could say these things but in the end come home sulking with rather large travel bills in hand. So the two got together and bonked heads around the campfire a bit and came up with a plan. Hatched it actually, as Hobo #1 would say. Compromised, is how Hobo #2 put it. They danced around there in the fire light and were both struck practically dead with the exact same idea all at once. Why not do both! So that is what happened and you can read about it all here in this fine issue # 71. Hobo #1 and Hobo #2 were both very happy with how it all worked out. 
MC issue 70 ISSUE #70 - 90 out of the last 97 days the hobo has been at home. Must be a record. When asked why he didn't go hop a freight train he said, " Too cold." When we questioned further as to why his wanderlust seems to be failing him he said, "There's so much to see and do right here in the meadow, why leave?" Well.....okay. Luckily we were able to pry his latest drawing journal out of his muddy hands and we have to say, it's pretty darn good! With all the talk of the global economic crisis, maybe we should all be staying home more. Maybe the Hobo's on to something here. Just take a closer look around where you already are and learn to be thankful for what you do have. Hmmm. We do need to report that we got an email from one of Hobo's neighbors who said that they saw him oiling  the chain and airing up the tires on his trike. So we are guessing that MC 71 will probably be filed from "on the road." Maybe.
MC issue 69 ISSUE #69 - That was a close one. Coming off those last four epic months of surf travel, Mr. Hobo arrived home to full-on winter...and just about lost it! He quickly decided to quit doing the on-line blog after losing his sweet contract with Simple Shoes. He quit uploading all those photos to his Flickr site, feeling burnt out to the max. And believe it or not, he even had letters printed out to his subscribers saying that he'd had enough and was going to quit doing the Chronicles! He said he was exhausted, had lost his will to create, was uninspired, etc. (The ocean had sucked all other interest out of him.) Then he awoke on March 18th with an apparently new head on his shoulders. How could he quit doing his life's work? What was he thinking?! In the meantime he had assembled this "Looking Back" M.C. with a cool page or two from every single issue he's ever done. It goes without saying that our hermit has led a most extraordinary life, right? He has had a totally charmed existence ever since starting the Chronicles nearly 20 years ago, don't you think? So not to worry. While we may indeed see less issues rolling out of the ole hobbit hole, and notice a bit of a tweak in the writings, rest assured that the Hobo's still on the job. Documenting the next gnarly and pretty interesting phase of his outrageous life. Thank you jesus!
MC issue 68 ISSUE #68 - Our little speck of a Hobo does tend to be a rather passionate fellow, does he not? In 1975 he fell hard for his High School sweetheart, which led him into a roller coaster relationship that went on, and on, for over 30 years. In 1980 he discovered photography and relentlessly plumbed that art form for ten, long years, capturing innumerable images of mysterious days gone by. In 1990 he took up pens and ink with a fever pitch and has spent nearly 20 years drawing all the 10,000 things of this fantastic world. Now, on a chance encounter with a sexy set of Hawaiian waves late last winter, he has plunged headlong into his next soulful pursuit, surfing! This issue is indeed rare in that it puts you the reader squarely in on the ground floor of an artist's uncontrollable muse. Witness how our Hobo is completely taken over by lusty urges to hunt down waves, learn to ride them and devour all known current and historical writings on the subject. We see throughout this 100-page journal his unwavering pursuit to learn the many intricacies of a sport and way of life he has longed to master since childhood. Plus we also get to see an obvious transition from being the one who always watched and documented the world from the sidelines, to one who dives (literally), head first into this new world, thereby finally becoming the "doer" instead of simply the "watcher." Yet, be warned o Chronicle fans and brotherhoods of the journaling way, we may indeed be seeing this Hobo-gone-Surfmonk's greatest passion yet come into being, wherein he simply lives a true surfer's life with the greatest stoke possible.... and completely forgets to document his own incredible journey!
MC issue 67 ISSUE #67 - All i could see was bubbles. Salt water filled my ears and nose. Arms and legs tumbled like some tossed rag doll. I was being beaten and rolled by a small Pacific Ocean wave. Sand filled all my pockets. Yet still i came up smiling. Learning to surf was a true luxury. Being scraped on the coral and thrashed about, just part of the age old initiation. It was something i had been wanting to do for over a month. The previous 35 days had been spent pedaling a Terra Trike ( around 780 miles of the Hawaiian Islands. The days came and went like a dream. Up the steep bumpy hills, over the ancient lava fields and through the jungles i went. Each night was spent camping in some forgotten patch of lush greenery. To sleep away the 12 hour nights. (I had forgotten my head lamp!) There was no radio or T.V. to entertain. I didn't even know who had won the election. Pedaling became my mantra. A slim IPOD my only companion. The air was a perfect temperature. Like one of those best summertime rides in the evening. Each and every day. Laser-like stars smeared the night sky, reminding me of our tiny smallness in an immense universe. It was like a pilgrimage in a far off and exotic land. A long ago dream finally won. Hawaii calls out to the Hobo now. "We are here," the islands say. "Let us embrace you again in our warm arms. Forget all those worldly troubles. All things are as they should be." And i whisper back, "Soon i will see you again and feel your loving embrace. After the moon rises and falls ten times. Watch for my return. I miss you already." 
MC issue 66 ISSUE #66 - Hobo's got a few questions for you. Are you really able to make sense of the barrage of information that is entering your personal space in these hyperactive times? Statistics show that humans are becoming more and more distracted by the digital widgets in our lives. We multitask, and don't really have a full experience of any one thing. We worry about our in-boxes, who is trying to send us messages, and how fast can we reply. We rarely get a real connection to nature, one of the most important healing activities for our species. We worry about our money and all of our debt. We obsess about our weight, our health and what we eat. What a crazy world we have created. Hobo practices a few things that really keep him grounded that you might want to try sometime. The first one is riding a bike whenever possible. This connects you back to your childhood and a more innocent time, plus it keeps you in good shape and makes the planet way more healthy. Second thing Hobo does to calm his frazzled nerves here in 2008 is sit in odd places to draw things he is seeing. This is also a very innocent act and grounds the sketcher to reality in a unique way. By looking for a long time at just one thing and making a little picture of it in your drawing book you will feel a great surge of pure energy. You will be a happier person. Try it sometime.
MC issue 65 ISSUE #65 - Gadzooks! When will the hobo stop?! Recent sightings had him located momentarily on some crazy 3-wheeled contraption (, down in Hell's Canyon in 100 degree temperatures. Then we got a call from a follower in the deserts of central Oregon saying they saw him camped out with a trike near a red rock canyon. Then no sooner did we get him logged in and supposedly fixed into Hobo Locator, when we get an urgent CB radio message from some trucker in western oregon saying they spotted him speeding down dangerous HWY99 on that trike thingee. His very own daughter Shilo emailed in to report him visiting in Bend for a few days then going AWOL after their barbeque. And back in his home town of Joseph the owners of the meadow he camps out in said they witnessed a few quick visitations, then "poof", he was gone again. That was the word they used "poof". So we here at Hobo Central are beginning to believe (now this may be a shock to some of you), that he may not really even exist at all! Perhaps he is simply an illusion. Some wild inspired vision we have all dreamed up and projected out onto our workaday world. In order to comfort our overburdened selves, our stressed out minds, that hope and dream to one day, yes, one day very soon, to somehow be able to bust out, break free of our bonds and be, well, like free, or at least more freer, if freer is even a word. But free nonetheless, just like the Hobo is!! Anyway, it's just some crazy theory Harold over there came up with. He's about 10 days out from a vacation and says he's totally sick hearing about Hobos many adventures. But keep sending all those sightings along to us folks. And someday soon, we hope to one day capture this guy and stop his madnesses once and for all.


MC issue 64 ISSUE #64 - There were just a few pines along the narrow drive. Suddenly a brown headed girl appeared over the rocky wall, leading a chestnut mare still hot from a workout. She smiled and asked in a friendly way if i needed directions. Out past the trees i could see country folk tending to the long rows of a small tobacco patch. They were bent near double in the hot sun, chopping and sticking each large leaf on sharp poles. I grinned and said i was in search of an old friend. Maybe someone she knew. We proceeded to an old mansion on the hill to discuss the long lost person. Where he might be living now. If he was even still alive, as when I knew him many years before, he was already an old man. The lady's brow was still damp from the ride. She offered iced tea and little brown biscuits the color of her hair. I pulled Chronicle 64 from my knapsack and said, " Here, you might enjoy this. Stories about hopping wild freight trains in the west, riding bikes in the east and giving up on all heart wrenching loves.


MC issue 61 ISSUE #63 - In this issue we witness new jarring transitions for our wanderlustful artist with sleeping bag and pens. We watch as he pedals his WizWheelz trike down 500 miles of the California coast. We get to witness the perplexed hobo gone soft after 5 months in his cozy hobbit hole back home. He stumbles along, loses things, breaks two derailers through careless riding on the trike. He has difficulty remembering the finer intricacies of vagabonding. Big rain storms stop the trip in Carmel where we see the pedaler bask his tootsies at a friend's cabin fireplace for over a week among interesting visitors. One, an owner of the trike company, who discusses the possibility of designing a new trike with the hobo! Once arriving by that mecca by the sea, Santa Barbara, we see him reunite with his Simple Shoes compatriots and do some drawings while there. The remaining pages are filled with overheard conversastions and sketches of all kinds. C-neutral ideas fill all other open spaces. We also see Mr. Hobo adjust his own Carbon Zero project to be a bit more realistic. We will all enjoy this issue very much.


MC issue 61 ISSUE #62- Well it's about time! All that jawin' about being a hobo, yet off he'd go in his little 4-wheeled box car of a van at the drop of anybodies hat! Sheesh. But then in september he got one of those epiphany type thingees. He said to himself, "Damn self, you been spewing way too much carbon in the last 30 years of your driving life and is'nt it time you hung up your steering wheel for awhile dummy?" So this issue is the first of several that will document the hobos adventure thru Carbon Zero Land. Go ahead and use it as a global warming primer, Or a manual for how to treat our wonderous earth. The hobos out pedaling the biways now and/or walking, So that should get his carbon karma straightened out. He's struttin' in some cool new Simple shoes too. Don't miss any of these carbonless journeys if you can help it. And turn off the darn lights, will ya?!


MC issue 61 ISSUE #61- In mid-August the hobos loaded their humble possessions in little van and drove all the way across the land of $4.30/gallon gas, Canada. Along the way notes were taken of conversations overheard and each evening the notes were written next to all the days coolest drawings. New friends were made, contacts solidified. The hobos only stayed in 1 motel along the 7200 mile route. They showered at truck stops and ate from dumpsters. (Just kidding, they ate one meal out each day and grocery bagged it the rest of the time!) Once home a new realization swept over their little brains. "Let's park that polluting, gas guzzling, global warming transporter for one year and see what kind of adventures will ensue!" And so they did, and now they only ride bikes, walk or use buses. Cool huh?


MC issue 60 ISSUE #60- On the back cover of this illustrated journal it says "sacredness is everywhere". That's sort of a life philosophy I took up when drawing came into my life back in 1993. When you stop to draw things, even tiny things, you look up after you're done and go, "wow that was a very interesting experience. Sort of like a trip on drugs, or a satisfying meditation." So then you turn it over and see this hiker dude on the front cover. That's my sister. We took her and her son on a long wilderness trek. They loved it. Lynne hurt her foot. And you see those stamped letters on the cover? I tried and tried to get them to be all the same density, but in the end just gave up. And wow, number 60, that's a ton of books man. Something like, umm, let's see, 100 pages per issue, times 60, ahhh, better get the calculator out, I flunked math constantly, ya, especially that algebra crap, damn, I couldn't figure any of that out. So 100 x 60 = wow! 6,000 pages of meandering around the world, whether it be drawing a stink bug right here in the meadow or hiking in Europe, it's all there in line drawings and stories. Better get reading!


MC issue 59 ISSUE #59 - Right from the get go this is one rockin' issue. First off you can ruminate on the hobo philosophy that says Life is Short. Live each and every moment! Then there's the many adventures. A trip with son Shane to the Oregon coast. A train hop with Lynne. A bike ride on the snake river. Working for the forest service in the woods. A 2600 mile cruise in the van to San Diego. Tons of info on how to lighten your foot print on our delicate world. Amazing sketches of earth moving equipment by guest artist Ryan White. An explanation on how to properly eat a cucumber! And info on the Great Summer Chronicle Sale! Only $3 each. See above.


MC issue 58 ISSUE #58 - It's a pretty good question. Can a person who's dreamed about learning to surf their entire 49 years actually catch a wave before they turn 50? Come along to the southern shores of Baja to see if the Hobo's able to pull this adventure off. And what happens if he does. And the consequences of his actions after the fact. And when it's all over, what then... Plus, enjoy the may illustrations and stories about revisiting sunny Santa Barbara where the Simple Shoe company is located. And then back home again where there's 3 inches of snow on the ground and chilly temps. Enjoy a trip to central Oregon to retrieve and old R.V. that Shane and Lynne had purchased, then back home again for Easter. Whew. These folks do get around, don't they?


MC issue 57 ISSUE #57 - This here tome blew out of the hobbit hole mere hours before we left these here parts for that sunny and warm place way down south called Baja. The little pages of this issue were created one by one, starting in late October. First we went down to Santa Monica for a Simple Shoe meeting. Then down to Sandy Eggo to celebrate Thanksgiving with our daughter Shilo. Then we spent Christmas with Shane back home. He rode a crowded Greyhound bus over for that. Then I filled the rest up with local sketching and stories by taking photographs of various things, putting them on the laptop, then drawing from the screen, inside where it's warm! Very detailed and interesting pages.


MC issue 56 ISSUE #56 - ... and then the God of creativity spoke and said "LET THERE BE PENS". And so pens were born and human beans began to leave their marks everywhere. Soon after the same God said, "WE MUST HAVE PAPER TOO". And so it was that paper came into being. But it was unruled and floated all over the place so God said "CHANGE ORDER. MAKE PAPER INANIMATE!" and so all the papers of the world became very still and one day a hobo found a sheet and with a pen began to make many marks, lots of marks, for over 15 years he made crazy, scribbly marks and then stapled bundles of the papers together. And to this day he's still at it. This conglomeration consists of the 2nd part of a big trip he took eastwards all the way around the world. He saw many things that he wants to show you. Come along, open the cover...


MC issue 55 ISSUE #55 - Whoa! Hobos goin global here guys! Since getting that digital camera, he's become a regular photographing fool. Simple shoe folk caught wind of his snap happy ways and decided to send him around the world to gather imagery for future projects and to get him out of the office! Two entire Chronicle issues were filled with this 10-country jaunt that began in London, went up to Scotland, over in Holland, down to Germany, then Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and Japan! Whew. All in 60 days people. Calculate that. Hobos learned to move pretty fast, but still draws lots. This issue takes you on the journey thru Spain, where he meets up with several Simple co-workers who were sent across the pond to make sure he wasn't just layin on a beach somewhere with a cool coke in hand.


MC issue 54 ISSUE #54 - Now here's a new theme. Our nomadically inclined artist heads out across the blue US of A with a new set of pens and a new Nikon digital camera! See the sites he saw thru the states of Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana and all the gulf coast states hit by Katrina. His furthest away from home point was Miami Florida where he snapped at snapping alligators and visited the amazing Fishing Hall of Fame. The return home was filled with adventure as well as he visited long lost friends in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Nebraska, with a side trip to Mississippi to photograph some Blues culture, while just barely missing a huge tornado storm that killed folks just north. Definitely not an issue to miss.


MC issue 53 ISSUE #53 - After the new year rolled around, I read this in Outside magazine:
"If you wait until you have everything ready, every detail dialed, every piece of worst-case-scenario gear squared away, you'll never leave. Instead, learn to master the elusive art that makes adventure possible: the ill-planned, under-financed departure..."
and bought a one-way ticket to Mexico City for only $150! Once there I prowled around on cheap buses to far flung places like Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido, Mazatlan and Durango. Staying in the cheapest ($10), most run-down hotel rooms I could find. Eating burritos and fruit from roadside stands. In less than 30 days I easily filled an entire Chronicle issue with sketches and musings from that close neighbor of ours who's exotic lands are just waiting to be explored.


ISSUE #52 - Holy smoke, this issue is all over and seemingly everywhere. First Dan completes that grueling 6-week book tour for his new book, then Fall catches him following deer and watching leaves tumble from the trees back home. In early November he was summoned by the Simple folks to attend a sales meeting but he forgot to take any pens and paper, so that trip will forever be undocumented, which is too bad cause there's the Vegas strip and sunny beaches and Anders strutting his stuff as a show model! Oh well, the issue wraps up with a long Christmas drive to the Mexican border and back, just in time to miss those crazy California floods and be home for New Years.


ISSUE #51 - And then Gandalf said to Bilbo, "You don't really suppose, do you, that all your adventures and escapes were managed by mere luck, just for your sole benefit, do you?" After finishing these words on the last page of The Hobbit our simple scribbler let out a sigh and pondered his next trip. This issue documents Dan's first half of a 6-week Radical Simplicity book tour, all over the west and clear way out to Madison Wisconsin where he met the famous Jack of Jacks Shoes. Each night in a different town, presenting a slide show of the meadow he's occupied for the last 15 years. After each showing he'd sit to answer all the endless questions: are you the modern day Thoreau? No, I'm just a dummy that draws. Why do you live with so little? Because I discovered that less is more. Why do you live this way? Because I want to be free... and on and on. Read all about it, Get yours today!


ISSUE #50 - Hey! Here's the 50th issue of these crazy Chronicles begun back in the cold, cold winter of '92! We finally located Dan and directed him back home to edit and wrap up the 100 pages of this issue. He had climbed in his van and driven from eastern Oregon, all the way out to New York City! So this booklet is all about those crazy days on the road and visiting friends in Lincoln, Philadelphia, Manhattan, Chicago and Kentucky too. He said he saw some things that made sense and others that didn't. He drew the Devil's Tower in Wyoming and met new sketchers that have affected his artistic path. Not only is he drawing like a kid (see cover) but he also is trying his hand at detailed and shaded drawings for the first time ever! Check it out.


ISSUE #49 - Our little doodler finally escapes from that 2-year cemetery caretaker stint and grabs a bag of pens, a ream of paper and heads for the hills... and cities and little towns too. He's studying the many journals of John Steinbeck in order to learn to write better. He's also visiting with kids and disabled artists whose work he's trying desperately to emulate. And the Simple Shoe company moves ever so closer to printing new issues of these Chronicles so our crazy artist can get back out into the world, in order to find new truths and beautiful realities. There's a new day at hand, readers. The monk's ready to fly, to peruse the possibilities, to go where no scribbler has gone before. In fact, you know what? He's already gone!


ISSUE #48 - Okay, look. What do you get when you give a homebound hobo a van and some gas money? You get a gone hobo, that's what! We really don't know where Dan is. He's not answering his cell phone, his emails continue to pile up and even Lynne hasn't seen him in over a month. The scribblers gone AWOL folks! But wait. What's this package. Ah yes, it's a 100-page storied sketchbook with M.C. 48 stamped on the cover. Oh, and inside you can see where he's been all this time. Wow, lots of travelling about, and a trike ride too. Hold it, what's this. His mom's been in the hospital? And he went rock climbing with his boy shane? And damn, he even went away south to visit his siblings in Vegas. There he is riding around in his brothers Hummer!? You gotta be joking. Hobos don't ride in Hummers do they? Well, now he's free. He may never come back you know. He always said he was gonna do this. Man. I wonder where he is now.
ISSUE #47 - Okay look. Dan's out drawing the ants again, so he wanted me to tell you exactly what this issue is about. All jokes aside, of course there's some travel pieces, because as you all know, the M.C. is hitting the road big time this year with Price's 2-year stint as a cemetery caretaker coming to a close this spring AND the reunification of a relationship with Simple Shoes. Yahoo! Lots of hoots and hollers of joy from the peanut gallery! So, there's a road trip to Portland that includes awesome sketches by Lynne, a drive to California where Dan tries to secure a smart car for his travels, plus a sunny outing down to Salt Lake City to meet up with the Simple tribe at an outdoor retailer show to hand out Chronicles. But in between all this gadding about, Price spends time trying to dissect that age-old conflict with his mate Lynne. So be forewarned. Issue 47 is a bit personal, but interesting. Oh yes, very interesting. Oh, here comes Dan now. Looks like he got tired of looking thru that magnifying glass at all those ants.

ISSUE #46 - Hey, here's the next issue. I wanted to get it out to all of you before Christmas. Kind of like my own little Christmas present to you out there in the cities and the towns and even some who live on farms I bet. Yeh, with cows and stuff. Hey did you know that the scientists are now trying to make a band of high tensile steel extend from the earth all the way up to the space station? Wow. So. I've been eating better these days. Yep. Not so much meat. And the hobbit house is warm, even though it gets below freezing now. So anyway, here's the latest issue. A real humdinger, if you know what I mean. Lots of traveling and trippin about. So that's it. I'm gonna hit the road jack. See ya later. Have a good Christmas and all that jazz.


ISSUE #45 - Well here's a real good issue for all you folks out there with the coming of winter blues. Within these covers you will find bird houses, tipis, salmon, and simple shoes. Towards the center are trains, travel, workshops, and election days. Out towards the end are red corvettes, grasshoppers, campouts, and comics. And quotes like, "Nothing has changed. Everything is as it was, but is, of course somehow different." Wow. Deep huh?


ISSUE #44 - Have you ever had a publisher approach you to write a book? It can be a daunting experience as you wonder in the late nights if you are indeed up to the task of all that deep thinking and pontification. Last July Running Press contacted me, and we have agreed that I will write 2 books within the next 6 months! So in doing research for the first book I came across another lost diary and would like to share those stories with you in this issue of the Chronicles. The first undertaking, which I now have 4 chapters finished on, will be Radical Simplicity. The second book will be a Drawing Kit and will tell how it is possible to have your life totally transformed through the practice of drawing. In the meantime you can be sure that the hobo will continue to crank out the Chronicles, even if he has to publish his mothers best recipes!


ISSUE #43 - Hey, hold it. Somebody wrote me a letter saying they wanted a bunch of Chronicles and I must have had some sort of brain crash or something cause I had to ask myself, "what are Moonlight Chronicles"? And then finally it came to me that yes it is true, I'm the guy that makes these strange little books about nothing and everything. I thought I was just a sad old groundskeeper, but then I was reminded that I have a neat family, and a cool hobbit hole and friends out there in mail land who send me little monies so I can do these illustrated journals! Wow. That's a pretty good life! So. Number 43. It's the very first issue to be created from the new studio that looks like some Inca temple. I'm looking for a virgin to sacrifice so it's all official and everything. Tell any virgins you know. Thanks.

ISSUE #42 - The other day I was resting on the lawn at the cemetery, up against a big fir tree. I was watching a black beetle as it careened thru the grass, each blade an obstacle to overcome. And that beetle crawled all the way over to me and promptly climbed up on my hand. When I carefully set him back on the ground he raised his hind end ready to fight with a spray of stink, just like skunks do. Up in the blue sky, lazily soaring over a nearby field, a long feathered hawk was being dive bombed by two noisy blackbirds. I had been spraying weeds all morning with a mixture of lethal liquids. Sitting there under that tree, I cradled a .22 rifle in my lap eyeing the nearby gopher holes. If I don't try to control their population the entire place would be nothing but mounds of dirt. It's a violent world isn't it? Issue 42 offers a quiet place in these times of strife. Take a vacation. Read issue 42 today.


ISSUE #41 - Ahh yes, yet another little booklet has been born, conceived and assembled in the dark recesses of that mysterious hobbit hole down by the river. In its slightly brown pages you will see mostly digital photos of the completed Joseph High School eagle sculpture, a spring break trip with the family, several guest artists and the latest donated tent being tested in the surrounding woods. Irrepressible journaler Dan Gregory weighs in with his endless ideas on sketching. There's cool quotes, cartoons and enough material to keep you entertained for approximately 5.2 sessions on the commode or 2 evenings of pre-sleep reading. Orders yours today!


ISSUE #40 - O.K. I'm ready. Here goes. Moonlight Chronicles #40 is about... umm, let's see... Well, I must have forgotten what Moonlight Chronicles #40 is about... but, actually that's a good thing. Cause if I can't remember what I wrote about and drew, then for sure it's probably good. See, if I had remembered and could recite to you all the chapter titles and such, then it would mean I was being too "planned-out", too "anal" about it. The fact that I don't honestly know what the heck I did in those 100 pages means that it was all made from the creative, right side of my brain, the side that doesn't "think" about things. That's where art comes from. If I'd used my left or logical side brain to make #40, then it'd be really stuffy and boring. So I'm guessing that Moonlight Chronicles #40 is probably pretty darn good, but you'll just have to decide that for yourself.


ISSUE #39 - Hang on to yer panties kids, cause the hobo's drawing up a storm and trying out a brand new art form. Writing stories that are longer than one eensie-weensie page long! Whoa. Just imagine it. Descriptive sentences detailing fascinating things like: what happened when Shane and his pop rode inner tubes down miles of open water, all the way to the cemetery. Plus: the ongoing soap opera known far and wide as "The Dan and Lynne Show", Episode 276. There's tales of Thanksgiving and Christmas and snowboardings and reports on the huge scrap metal eagle being welded together for Shane's senior art project. There's notes from monks, sketches by poets, drawing rules by a genius and so much more crammed into those many 100 brown pages that it'd take a damn crowbar to wedge even one more scribble or tiny word of any kind in there. Ya just gotta see it. It's one of a kind, never to be found in a Wal-Mart anywhere.


ISSUE #38 - The Lost Journals of d. price documents the best pages from six recently found drawing books from the authors blue period in 1998 & 1999. See never before published sketches! Yahoo. Read scrawlings never yet read! Ha. Go on a fun trip to Chicago with Price's favorite drawing pal Dan Gregory! Oh yeh. Definitely an issue you'll want to keep handy for those little boring moments when life sorta stops and there's absolutely nothing going on. Don't miss out on this epic tome! (overzealous marketing) Available for a short time only! (ridiculous hype) The Smithsonian has requested a copy! (outright lie) God said it's the best issue yet! (right)


ISSUE #37 - Ah yes, finally. The hobo artist gets back to doing what he does best, "themeless" issues. Follow Dan on his serendipitous path to nowhere in particular. Marvel at the many marvelous sketches by new sketcher Mary B. Check out the wise man words by Indian writer White Arrow. Be smitten by the galdarned remarkableness of the zine that contends: It's Not Where You're Going, But How You Get There and Everywhere Is Somewhere Else.


ISSUE #36 - Hey you, navigators in this way weird world. A news bulletin flashed across the cosmos recently under that red, red planet and fullish moon. It read: Monkster and summertime inner tube paddler d. price has just released his latest illuminated manuscript that attempts to document the teeny tiny town he lives in out there in wild eastern Oregon. He spent hours wandering the back alleys, dusty buildings and deep blue lagoons in search of the hamlet's soul. Discoveries abound, secrets revealed, and the best hamburgers were devoured in this summer long attempt to document that elusive and undocumentable place called "home".


ISSUE #35 - Having rested his tired bum after that long trike ride, Price got back to work on his beloved Chronicles and created an issue all about the joys of drawing. Packed with hints and excercises for those folks in need of a shot of inspiration. This is the first issue ever printed by Dan's pen company sponsor SAKURA, who will be sending it out over their retail store and trade show circuits! Workers of the world unite. DRAW WE MUST! and WE MUST DRAW! everday, for it is the one true path and one that may save the world...

ISSUE #34 - The 3rd and final smattering of drawings (mostly scribbles) and text about Dan's final 1500-mile leg through that huge and freezing cold Lonestar State. Read about him getting stifted by the new Chronicle printer, crashing on a busy Mississippi highway and camping out with mosquitos and alligators in Florida. After combating the worst traffic of the entire ride in Southern Florida, Price pulled into Key West Feburary 13, to be greeted by the patrons of Hemingway's old haunt Sloppy Joes. He had pedaled some 4,500 miles, then flew home to catch the tail end of the 2003 snowboarding season.

ISSUE #33 - More Trike Tours stories, drawings and photographs. This issue documents Dan's trek from Santa Barbara California, down thru the L.A. jungles, along the amazing Pacific coastline to San Diego, then east to Yuma Arizona, Tucson, Bisbeee, El Paso and into the vastness of space called Texas. Read about his many adventures which include losing a brake on a huge downhill, getting caught showering in a R.V. park (registered guests only!) and burning a pile of sticks along the freeway one lonely night that proved to be the only campfire of the entire journey.

ISSUE #32 - After madly hopping freight trains, delivering his daughter to college, and going to Las Vegas to meet up with some trike company owners, Dan went to the Halloween dance with his partner Lynne, then hooked on a trailer and began the biggest ever adventure of his life. An 8,500 mile circumnavigation of the U.S.A. Issue #32 chronicles Dan's pedalling across Oregon to Portland, down through the Willamette Valley and into the coastal towns of California where he nearly gets pasted by 2 different automobiles. Come join the fun!

For photos of Dan's tour, please visit

ISSUE #31 - Campouts, cookouts, 4th of July, a Harley ride in the Midwest with lifelong partner Lynne (no arguments, I promise!), mountain bike rides, summited peaks, excerpts from old Chronicles, a trip with my son to Lewiston Idaho, dinners and days of serendipity to sooth your weary soul. Summer 2002.


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